Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let the adventure begin!

Moving to Philadelphia, you’d think the adventure would begin with a tribute to the history of America that is Philadelphia. Or some great review of the artery-clogging Philly Cheese Steak. Yet even with the recent premiere in town of the new Rocky film, I am reminded of the Fresh Prince. Perhaps our first foray out of the Midwest should be to begin by learning to rap… Think for just a moment, cK beginning to do a rap, getting’ a little jiggy with it and ending with a good Wisconsin Singer's display of jazz hands. Ah the adventures we will have!

The last week has been filled with a culinary tour of the frozen dinner aisle. (Well…living in a hotel for 2 weeks, can you blame me?) And let me tell you, I have become an expert on the frozen dinner. In fact the other night while checking out at the local grocer, Gloria and I had a nice chat about Marie Calendar’s frozen meals and how she insisted they were the best. I had no idea Marie elicited such emotion. So much in fact that Sherri behind me claimed the potpies don’t even need salt or pepper. I heard more “oooh child” in those five minutes than I had in a long time.

Actually, there are some great restaurants in town. Chad and I enjoyed the
Washington Square Restaurant in Center City Philly very much. The atmosphere was awesome in a converted old building of the Ayers Advertising Agency. Definitely a place we'll be back to visit. Another fav is Bridget Foy's for brunch.